Tuesday, April 10, 2007

a project finished

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The internet is a wonderful way to learn. Ten years ago, if I needed to learn how to do an alteration on a knitting pattern, I would have found myself driving to a LYS (not that it would have been a bad thing)...but the internet is a real time saver.

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A few weeks back when I started the Boogie Vest pattern, I became aware of the fact that I wanted a different neckline. While google-ing the vest, I came upon a blog that goes by the name of KnittingJones. I really liked the way KnittingJones finished her vest, so I simply emailed her with a few questions on how she altered the pattern for the neckline. She graciously replied with instructions...(twice!...because I didn't quite "get it" the first time.) I was able to finish my Boogie vest (complete with alterations) with the help of another blogger. Thanks Susan!

Blogging has enriched my world! It started for me as a way to record projects and plantings, notations etc. an avenue to store my memory and the bits of knowledge one accumulates. I didn't have a single link on my sidebar when I started. But the list has grown. Other bloggers have enriched my world! I email bloggers, and they email me... with questions, comments etc...as simply as if we were chatting over a fence in the backyard...my daily blogrolls read like a book full of the most interesting people, doing the most interesting thing...when I stop to think about it..it really is a remarkably fun thing.

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  • Finished Boogie vest project notes:

  • Started beginning of March and finished early April.

  • Yarn: Handspun Border Leicester Fleece P29 from Betty Levin, purchased MS&W 'O5

  • Needles: size 10 (one circular and 2 dpnts) cable needle

  • *would most likely not use the backstitch for the side seams in the future...the mattress stitch would have been a better choice.


elizabeth said...

I love it! I look at that pattern often but have yet to make it. I really like your neckline mods.

Judy said...

Great job...now a sweater? right? All your missing is two sleeves...easy peasy!!! Or so says the one that hasn't even done a vest yet!!!

KnittingJones said...

I love it! And thanks for the link. Oh, I'm also thinking of making another one in cotton for summer -- what do you think?

Cathy said...

Oh. I am so in-love. Nodding re:bloggers. They are the best!

Now, how do you like wearing the border leicester? I have the rest of the blue merle BL fleece and I considered a vest but am a bit concerned about scratchiness.

cyndy said...

Elizabeth- The neckline mods were a combination of splitting the cable on either side, and then decreasing slightly up to the shoulders.

Judy- it has been many years since I have made a sweater...knitting a vest is like reading a magazine, and knitting a sweater is like reading a book..maybe I can find a short story!

KJ- I think cotton would be great! Even better, silk! Thanks for your help! (couldn't have figured it out without you!)

Cathy- yea...the bloggers are fun!

As for the BL...I have read that their fleece can be scratchie..This BL was not at all! The luster is incredible, and the drape and hand of it is like butter....this is the only BL I have ever worked with..and P29 was a pretty special ewe according to Betty.

Leslie Shelor said...

Beautiful yarn and beautiful work!

finnsheep said...

Great vest, Cyndy! I love how the neckline turned out.

Anne said...

Handspun and an actual FO out of it! How wonderful. I'll bet you get a lot of wear out of that neutral color going into the spring.

Fiberjoy said...

I love how you finished the neck with the split cable. Very nice! It will be a great vest for this crazy wintery spring.

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