Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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We had a few more inches of snow fall, just enough to freshen the dirty snow look, and just enough to shovel. It was heavy and wet, like spring snow. When walking on it, one is aware of the crunching noise, and the lumps it makes from sticking to the bottom of the boots.

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Now that the order has been filled for the production spinning, I can do some for myself, and set to work on the black Finnsheep. I am starting to feel more confident about the consistency of the singles that I can spin on the Great Wheel. I scoured and carded the Finn myself, so I would have more control over the roving. Once I fill the spindle, I am sliding the yarn package off and onto a double pointed needle.

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From there I will begin plying it with the Angora/Finn blend. Usually I ply on the Ashford, so I decided to try and ply on the Great Wheel. My biggest problem stemmed from the fact that I don't have a suitable lazy kate to hold the yarn packages.

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I tried using the Ashford Lazy Kate. That worked for just a little while, until the packages started to snarl. It was time consuming to stop and unsnarl every so often. The cops are to long and don't fit into the kate without being squeezed together at both ends. I think what I need is a different lazy kate for the yarn packages produced on the Great wheel.

phenological events Feb 07

2nd Groundhog NO shadow
3rd Mergansers on river
14th blizzard
22nd Buffleheads arrive


Cathy said...

Try sliding your cop on a long knitting needle and inserting it into a shoe box (length ways) or in a basket. Our weather people said from now on our average highs will be 50+. Dare I believe this?

Pat K said...

The step photograph is wonderful. You have a true artistic eye to see the beauty in the small details.

Anonymous said...

I really like that step picture too, Celeste ;0)

Leslie said...

I love the photograph of the steps. That is one I could keep looking at over and over.

Your post about roving cops was foreign to me. Either I need to watch more Dick Tracy or learn some fiber arts terms.

I crochet, but that is all. I'd love to learn to weave one day, and spin. But my plate is full for now and fortunately I've learned to say "No more" when I need to.

One day!

Fiberjoy said...


You should enter that one in a photo contest. Everything about it is right. At least print it out, frame it and sell it to me. :-)

cyndy said...

Glad you liked the steps!

I was attracted to the symmetry /propotionate detail of them...for some reason they had a very calming influence on me...

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