Wednesday, February 14, 2007

walk with me wed valentine

oh, are you going out for a walk today?? well, first you will need a pair of these...

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thanks mom!! (Isn't just like a mom to buy you something to keep you safe??)

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oh, and you will need these also...and don't forget the gaiters... while you are out there, would you mind shoveling the walk and putting some 'ice melt' down...then you can shovel over to the critters and make sure they have fresh water ...on the way back you can clean off the cars...oh and before you come inside, would you be a dear and take the ashes out and bring in a bucket of coal?

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thanks so much.... while you were out, I made you brunch, and put on a pot of coffee, extra strong (come to think of it may want to add a nip of something good in there). Take off your gear and hang it by the fire to dry...but don't get to will have to go out later on today and do it all over again.

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...happy valentines day!


Pat K said...

Oh yes. Having to brush the snow off one's pants, shoes, and socks before Mom lets you back in the house. And some snow always got down into the shoes and soaked the socks. But there would be hot chocolate and marshmallows waiting. Now that's a real Valentine.

Judy said...

Walking was hard with those little ice pellets..reminded me of trying to walk on sand. Did you get to curl up with fiber after you ate the breakfast he made?

Fiberjoy said...

A good valentine post! Such a heart. :-)

Anne said...

Gaiters are the best thing for outdoor chores that involve snow removal. I'll have to see if I can find a picture of my plowing outfit and send it to you - you'll get a kick out of it.

judy said...

loved it... stay warm!

wyldthang said...

Hi Cyndy! Did those cable things work on the packed ice/snow on the road? Just curious. Happy Snow!! Celeste

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