Sunday, January 28, 2007

it doesn't matter

Today afforded a short respite from the arctic air, which is soon to return. Was it the January thaw? It doesn't matter, it was a chance to pause ...and something has changed.

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Perhaps it is the same unseen force that stirs the sweet potato on my kitchen counter to sprout...a quickening awakening...if you watch and listen, you will know what I am talking about...

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So is it any wonder that the day was spent outside in the garden? It didn't start out that way, but before I knew it I was raking and burning and reclaiming the grounds.

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Pruning shears in hand, I clipped, I yanked, I ignored my back and hands that warned I would be sure to feel it tomorrow if I kept up working at the current pace... it doesn't matter...tomorrow it will be frigid again, and I can stay indoors I could pretend it was springtime, and let the sun flow into me. My chickens bathed in the sun while I worked.

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There is a good deal of frost in the ground, but it doesn't matter, I know that down deeper than the frost, the roots are waking up..there is a stirring.

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My seed order is almost complete, and will be posted by Groundhogs day, as is my tradition. There will most likely still be at least six more weeks of winter, but it doesn't matter, the tide has turned.

phenological events January

5th skunk cabbage visible
12th ponds iced over
18th ice on riverrim
29th black ducks (7)


elise said...

Yesterday was truly a gift! We have been waiting all winter to do a winter activity and we went skating yesterday on our lake. Seven inches of ice and a reasonably warm day...couldn't get any better!

Anne said...

Soon! It's coming here - eventually - we are still in a bit of a freeze because of the smog/inversion, but we are hoping for a bit of a storm this weekend to clear things out.

Cathy said...

We had temps in the 40s last week, back in the deep freeze with more snow forecast this week... but the snow has melted enough for the bird bath to emerge. Surely that means something.

Marcy said...

Such an optimist! :D

meresy_g said...

Hey! You are north of me! It wasn't sunny like that here! No fair. How are you getting that sweet potato to sprout like that? Do you have it in water? For the last three years I have saved the sweet potatoes that form when you plant that lime green annual sweet potato vine. Thinking that I'll get it to sprout, pinch off the slips and save money by not buying those annual vines every year. They never sprout. No matter what I do. What is your secret?

cyndy said...

Elise- Great that you got to go skating! I hear that the ice fishing is going well too!

Anne- what is smog/inversion? I don't like the sounds of it, hope the storm cleans it up!

Cathy- You are getting everyone's snow this year! If I were you, I would buy a pair of hip-waders so I would be ready for the spring melt!

Marcy- Didn't you notice my rose colored glasses?

Meresy- Not sure why that potato did that! I had several on the counter together, and that one just went it's own way, much to my delight! I have read that "they" have been "treating" potatoes so that they don't sprout and have a longer shelf life...maybe this one escaped the process...
I have it in water now, and will soon cut it off of the mommy potato and put it in some soil....

Fiberjoy said...

Your chickens look so shiny and healthy.

Very inspiring post. We've had some clear, cold days but I've been chained to the computer for the most part. :-(

Judy said...

I was out doing the same thing on Sunday! I haven't finished the seed order yet but it should be done by Friday. I keep wanting to make the list smaller but everyone has a favorite that they want put into the garden....No they don't want to work the garden they want it grown for them. Their own little natural McDonalds.

vanessa said...

love the chicken closeup.

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