Saturday, January 06, 2007


Whilst visiting with my mother over the holiday, I had given her some handspun yarn to work with. It was tied in a skein, and I wanted to wind it into a center pull ball for her, so it would ready for knitting. Only I didn't have my noste! So I improvised with one of her old bobbins. It worked pretty well!

Today the weather was so warm that the old saying about the month of January didn't ring true... Janiveer — freeze the pot upon the fier. As the day lengthens, The cold strengthens.... ...far from it. Record breaker...almost seventy degrees....


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's weird weather all over.

Although it's kind of freaking me out - the crocii and daffodils are coming up! - it did give me the chance to plant the spring flower bulbs and garlic today. That chore didn't quite get done in the fall.

Judy said...

I don't know if I should enjoy this warm/no snow winter or worry about us having snow into July!! You better get out there and fix that greenhouse because that might be where our crops come from this year!

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