Wednesday, December 20, 2006

walking on

Most of my walking, these days, occurs in parking lots and stores, hastily, in preparation for the season of gift giving.

The only way to make time for a real walk, is to snatch a few moments in the early morning, after taking care of morning chores.

The sun is at it's brightest in the mornings now. It glistens on the frost from the night before. We still have not had any snowfall over 1/2 an inch so far, and we have set a record for the warmest December on record! It seems odd to have it so mild into December, it is almost like living in perpetual October.

The eagles have arrived. I have seen several starting to pair up, and it seems early for that. It is difficult to get a clear photograph of one with my camera. I need a bigger lens.

They prefer to stay a good distance away from me, and I don't want to disturb them while they are fishing. This one barely tolerated me, even though I shot the photo from behind the tree...and he was on the other side of the river!


judy said...

I've only seen an eagle once or maybe twice, and at a distance. How wonderful.

amanda said...

i've never seen an eagle for myself -- how amazing!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen an eagle here, either; that is so awesome! Thanks for taking me along on your walk!

Anne said...

Great pictures! I'll share some of our 11-degree this a.m. weather with you in exchange for a few more days of October, alright?

Anonymous said...

very cool photos! The first time I ever saw an eagle, it was along the Delaware River. I was working on the Jersey side, just north of Phillipsburg. Truly amazing to see in person.

Pat K said...

I thought the sundial picture was cool until I saw the eagle. Amazing! And I still like the sundial picture. It justs takes a little bit of looking to see the beauty in the little everyday things, as well as in the big special things(like eagles).

Fiberjoy said...

Wow, amazing pictures!

I hope you don't mind but...

Be afraid, be very afraid.
Tag! You're IT!

Please see my blog for details, I hope you'll have time to play.


Cathy said...

I need to take better photos of the local eagles too - especially when they are flying over the local grocery store parking lot. Or I see them soaring over the downtown intersection of 2 highways. Amusing.

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