Wednesday, April 12, 2006


 2 Balance 4c:
to bring into harmony or proportion
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Basket of Finn/Angora...carded and ready to go.....
Trying to keep up with all the spring time chores has been a challenge.  Each day as I accomplish another task, it seems two more come along to add to the list.  I find myself trying to maintain an even balance between the garden and my fiber pursuits.  Fiber Arts and Garden Arts have nothing to do with "real life" responsibilities, and so they come at the bottom of the list.  Taking care of "real life" is necessary, but not as rewarding or fulfilling as fiber or flowers.  So, I convince myself to accomplish the necessary, and reward myself with superfluities.  As if that is not hard enough to balance, add to that the simple desire to just goof off!
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Since I don't have as much willpower as I would like, I have to discipline my inner child and resist the temptation to wander off and play down at the river.  The river beckons to me to come explore it's banks.  The water is low, insects hatch, plant life is sprouting, fish are rising, beautiful driftwood and rocks are ripe for the picking...birds and ducks are busy preparing to nest, and large rocks -warm from the sun- are inviting me to stretch out and just listen to the river flow by.  How can I turn my attention the "chores of daily living" when its springtime on the river?


kimber said...

But then again, some 'real life chores' can wait just long enough to go and admire the river bank's activities. YOu might find inspiration there to make the rest more fun.

I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you so much.

Sue said...

I'm not sure I could either, if I lived by that beautiful river! Do you have mussels in the river? Freshwater mussels were a specialty of mine when I was a grad student and later worked as an environmental biologist for the state of North Carolina.

Judith said...

I love the balance of color you have shown--the basket of finn/angora vs the stones of the river. Does the list get longer or am I imagining that? You have the river to take a break at--really nice!

cyndy said...

Glad you have been enjoying the riverrim...and you are right about making some chores wait long enough to allow some time for refreshment...I will remember that!

We do have freshwater mussels! I see them often when I snorkel in the summertime. They are black and about 3 inches long. I will be sure to send you a picture next time I find one near shore.

You are not imagining it! Today I added dahlias and glads to the list of things to plant (remember when I placed them in the basement?)

elise said...

I am a devoted goofer. I've recently come to the conclusion that is what makes my life worth living! I used to compare myself to other more productive people but then figured out I really don't want to be that productive! I don't consider myself lazy and I accomplish what has to be done. But after that, I just do whatever suits my fancy!

cyndy said...

Hi Elise-

What can I say? I admit that I am an ant, and have a lot to learn from the grasshopper! ;-)

Mel said...

I happen to know you are one of the hardest working women on earth! With such lovely diversions available, i agree with all that you simply must refresh yourself! Enjoy, Cyn - you deserve it and we benefit from your lovely photos and words sharing it. C'mon, do it for us, LOL!

amanda said...

Is it really humanly possible to resist that lovely river? I can just imagine the sound of the water moving along.

btw, can't wait to see you spin up that yummy fiber!

Leslie Shelor said...

I don't have a river to temp me, but I went outside to sit in the sun with the dogs at the edge of the field with a book yesterday. They thought I was so odd!

Oh, the fiber looks WONDERFUL! Can't wait to see that spun up!

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