Wednesday, April 26, 2006

ABC along I is for ....

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There was ice on the bird bath this morning.
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It is one of several icemen or "Eisheiligen" that will visit the garden before it will be safe to set out tender plants.
A check in the greenhouse at the "how low did it go" thermometer, recorded temps of 32...humm that means it was colder still outside in the garden.  At least my tomato seedlings were protected under the additional cover of plastic that I tucked them under last night.  I have read that if you can water or wash off the ice before the sun hits the plants, you can save them from frost damage.  I have never tried this.
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I is also for the Icelandic Wool that I happen to be spinning and weaving with.  This wool comes from Tongue River Farm.  I brought a lovely generous batt of the stuff last fall and slowly, I am spinning it out on the Great Wheel.  I am using the finished yarn to try out a new technique (well new to me) on the triloom.  It involves moving a pass over and doubling up on nails, all to achieve a tighter sett.  The technique is giving me a little bit of trouble on the corner, or side nails, and I have had to be extra careful of my counting.  A bit tedious.  I am going to make another felted bag, and wanted the weave to be tight.  It is taking much longer than I originally planned.

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Leslie Shelor said...

Lovely "I's"! No ice here but it's cool this morning. And the Icelandic is beautiful!

judy said...

It was very cool here this morning too , but no frost thank goodness. Beautiful shot of the frosted flowers.

Judith said...

Ice on the bird bath this morning! That is cold. It's been cold here, too & I have the woodstove cranked. Smart that you prepare yourself for "Eisheiligen". Lovely Icelandic Wool. Beautiful photos!

Cathy said...

Love the "I"s - another 6 weeks before it's safe here to set out plants. Love the weaving and spinning photos too.

amanda said...

Love the I photos! Believe it or not I had to send the Princess to school in long pants this morning because it was cool here. Hard to believe but I'll take the cool weather over our normal weather anytime.

I love seeing photos of you spinning and fiber craft. Can't wait to see what you are doing with the tri-loom.

Dawn said...

At Friday 2:30AM here it's 3C so no ice for us. Did enjoy your ice pics though. Is that a Mary & Joseph I see there? The Icelandic Wool looks very nice. I'm enjoying watching you, and others, spin and weave. So very interesting.

Stacey said...

Isn't it strange - you've got frost, I've got sunburn!

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