Tuesday, March 28, 2006


...recovering...replenishing...resting...so I don't RELAPSE!
We are starting to get some really nice warmer weather during the day.
Some of the first flowers are starting to appear...like this lungwort,
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and this speedwell.
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Trouble is, I cannot get out to enjoy it just yet.  I have been trying to take it easy until this cold/flu/nasty germ...leaves my system entirely. 
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I have turned the heal on the "embossed leaves socks" and was pleased to find out that it was not as hard as I had expected!  I do need to pay attention to what row of the pattern repeat, as well as what row of the decrease AND what stitch -within the row I am working on.  All of this has been easily remedied with stitch markers and row counters.  And to think there was a time I used to rely on paper and pencils!
Did you notice the size of the buds on the quince bush?  They are starting to "pink up".


judy said...

Now I know for certain that I am living in the wrong climate.

Judith said...

I do hope you are feeling better! Nasty! I have missed your posts & am just catching up. The eagle must have been amazing! I like what you wrote about the juncos...hadn't really noticed them in that way. Love seeing what plants you have emerging. Take care!

amanda said...

Beautiful blooms! Hope you are back on your feet again soon!

vanessa said...

beautiful photos! and i love your new bunnies :-)

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