Tuesday, March 21, 2006

new residents and a visitor

This past weekend I was asked to give two rabbits a new home and TLC (tender loving clip!).  They are now being kept separate from my other 2 rabbits while they adjust to their new home and life around the riverrim.
One is a buck, and I believe he is fuzzy American Lop.  He is small and quite friendly and very alert.
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The other is a doe, and a pretty fawn color.  I am not sure what is in her background, but she is somewhat shy. 
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I understand that both of them are about a year old.  I have not gotten any names yet, so I will see if I can get to know them better before I decide.
We also have been visited by a flock of cowbirds that flew in on Saturday.  I don't welcome a visit from these birds.  The female is a nest parasite, meaning she lays her eggs in the nest of other birds.  I do what I can to discourage them when I see them arrive in the spring.  Brown-headed cowbirds are not residents.
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I have witnessed the yellow warbler build a nest, only to have the cowbird lay in it.  The yellow warbler will build on top of it, sometimes several times, trying to outwit the cowbird.  But it is not always successful.  In my hemlock trees, the yellow warbler has built a nest and laid eggs..along with the cowbird.  When the cowbird hatches, it pushes the other little warblers out of the nest...and then you have this little yellow warbler taking care of a large cowbird fledging.  I have witnessed this with the cardinal and the black and white warbler too.  The catbird, however, has been seen pecking and eating the cowbird eggs.  I have read that the cowbird will lay its eggs in the nest of over 100 species of birds!
I've been spinning some Icelandic roving that I purchased from Tongue River Farm.  It is prepared nicely and spins fast.  So far I have finished one bobbin, and getting ready to finish the other to ply. 
I seem to have come down with a head cold, and have not been getting very much accomplished.  This afternoon I discovered the kitty curled up in my Finn wool that has been washed and waiting for the drum carder.  She looked so cozy I didn't have the heart to disturb her, besides, it looked like a good idea to curl up and take a nap.
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Anonymous said...

How about "Bun" and "Mrs Anderson"? Now there is a blast from your past!

Sue said...

That is one cute cat-pic!

cyndy said...


I remember the Andersons! They made that fenced in rabbit warren in the backyard...right next to the beagle kennel! Those poor buns!

cyndy said...

Hi Sue!

Yea, I thought she looked really snuggly in the wool. Normally, I would have gotten mad at her and thrown her out...but the snow flurries were flying...and I wanted to tell her to move over and make room for me!

Judy said...

You have to nap and rejuvenate so that you have energy to work in the garden. Yes I know with the snow it doesn't look or feel like spring but it is right around the corner. Honest! MaryAnn said the rabbits were Lakota (fawn) and Crazy Horse (black). But she said feel free to change them as you see fit. Hope you feel better soon.

cyndy said...

Hi Judy!

Please tell MaryAnn that I love the names, and will most likely keep them...as they seem very fitting! Thanks for the well wishes (right now I can't even muster up the energy to plant the tomato seeds!)

Spinner Gal said...

I'm sorry to hear your feeling sick. I just hate that drained out, just wanna sleep feeling.

Cute buns! They look like they have nice coats.

Kitty has the right idea!

cyndy said...

Hi Spinner Gal!
Thanks for the well wishes...
I hate the tired feeling too...esp. when there is so much to be done!

Leslie Shelor said...

I can't believe I got this far behind, and you have new bunnies and I didn't know! The lop looks like a neat fellow; lots of personality. It seems to me that does have a little more trouble adjusting to new places than bucks; they are a little more attached to places. So your doe will probably get friendlier as she settles in. She looks like a tort from the picture.

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