Thursday, February 16, 2006

the weather is fine

It was so nice outside that  I opted to work in the garden doing some long overdue clean up.  In the process of picking up stray pots, I turned over some critter's winter stash of acorns.
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Before long, I was scolded for my actions.
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The black berry bushes are needing pruning.  It should have been done two months ago, but there was to much snow on the ground.  Last years berry bearing canes need to be cut back down to the ground, and the growth of the newer canes need to be topped off at around 5 feet...and then they need to be trellised.  This will force the side shoots to branch out more, and hopefully produce more fruit.
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There is a little bit of snow left on the ground, but most of it is melting and running off down to the river.
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Just a few rows left on the needles and the hat will be finished...I spun a blend of the Border Leicester and angora, so the earflaps are nice and soft.  This hat was fun to make, so I think I will make another.
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judy said...

I love the hat. C is always wearing something with earflaps. What pattern did you use?

Mel said...

As usual, im here "catching up" - what have i done with my days???? Write if you can tell me, lol. Cyn, the picture reminds me of "Chippie needs cream". The hat is beautiful - i wish that i could feel it. Thanks so much for this haven of sanity you provide.

cyndy said...

Hi Judy-

My son likes earflaps too..esp. on the slopes...
The pattern can be found here:

cyndy said...

Hi Mel-

The days do fly by ...faster and faster it seems! Thanks for the kind comments!

Claire said...

Hi Cyndy, I love the hat. I've gotta knit me one of those before winter. I feel a bit ridiculus saying that since it was close to 40C (100F) here today. But I think I'd look cool in a colourful version ;-). Thanks for the link.

Spinner Gal said...

Aw poor little chipmunk!

Your hat is looking great, it looks so nice and soft, wish I could touch it!

cyndy said...

...poor chipmunk...hummm...Want one?? I am over run with chipmunk!

cyndy said...

Hi Claire-

We are going down to 14(F) degrees or -10 (C) the hat will feel quite cozy tomorrow morning! Finished it just in time!

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