Friday, February 17, 2006

"D" is for

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my darners

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and my doorknobs....(yea, I collect doorknobs...)


Gina said...

Love the Darners! I got one a couple years ago and enjoyed mystifying friends with it...What is it? A noiseless miraca? An odd kitchen tool? But then when I proudly showed it to my grandmother, she said, aw, I always use lightbulbs!! (she's very practical and frugal).

Works in a pinch!

cyndy said...

Hi Gina-

I used my small darner today!..., repairing some holes in an old pair of gloves that I had made years ago for my brother. I've heard about people using lightbulbs, but never tried it myself. I've seen lots of hand blown glass darners (so a light bulb is not that far out!)

Leslie Shelor said...

Aren't old tools lovely? I have one of the egg-type darners. And the doorknobs are beautiful; I covet that cobalt one.

(you've been tagged!)

Judith said...

That is interesting about people using lightbulbs! Great darner collection & doorknobs--we love doorknobs too & have a small drawer full of various doorknobs that follow us forever.

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