Saturday, January 14, 2006


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It is good to be back home.  I always get very homesick whenever I go away from here.  I miss the family, but I miss the river too.  I am so very accustomed to the sounds and sights and smells of its many moods, and seasons, that I feel like a part of me is missing when I am not around it.
Yesterday was a very mild day.  It seems to early for a January thaw, but I will take it if that is what is happening.  The recent rainfall and high temperatures cause the snow melt on the cliffs.  Fog and mist hang on the evergreens, and make the forest smell of fresh pine.  Here and there, patches of dark earth and green grass start to show where the snow has melted off.
I have managed to get quite a bit of knitting done in the past days spent at my mothers side while she was on the mend in hospital.  She caught a "very, very, very bad" virus over the Holiday.  Thank goodness she is home now too.
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I started on this shawl. It is a very simple rib pattern done in multiples of 3, on size 11 needles out of Mohair that I spun with purchased roving from Tintagel Farm.  I found the pattern in last years January edition of Creative Knitting.  There was a nice article about a book called "Knitting into the Mystery" which deals with the concept of contemplative knitting- and what happens to the knitter as she/he knits.  The pattern can be accomplished without focusing on it.  This allows the knitter to meditate according to her own spiritual traditions, or hold a specific loved one, (perhaps the recipient of the shawl) in mind while knitting.  I figured it was just the sort of project I needed to work on while helping my mother get better.  The finished size will be approx. 28 x 60.
Finally, from the "what does this mean?" department...
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I have noticed that most of the eggs collected from the henhouse in the past few days, are pyriform.  When one collects eggs from a hen day after day, one recognizes these subtle changes.  I have been collecting eggs daily for more years than I care to admit, but I have come to know which eggs belong to which hen.  Therefore, I notice when there is a change in size or shape or color of the egg.  I try to note changes in food or weather that would account for these differences.
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I have read that the hen determines the shape of the egg (internal structure of her organs etc.)  I have also read that if an egg is pointed the chick would be a rooster, and if it were round it would be a hen.  (credit Aristotle with that one)...but it seems to me that my hens lay these pointed shaped eggs when there is a full moon.  It has happened enough times for me to notice that, so now I will start charting the month that it happens with a full moon.
More reading and pretty pictures about eggs can be found at this link.


Spinner Gal said...

Your scarf is coming out just lovely. The color is beautiful.

I have been getting lots of pointy eggs out of my girls too lately. They do seem to go in spurts dont they?

Judy said...

My hens are just starting to lay. For aobut a week there was only one/day. Then a couple of two/days, then it went to four and then yesterday was 6 in one day!! The fox has only left me ten hens to work with and 9 are new ones. Guess I have to put in an order to McMurray.

cyndy said...

Thanks spinner gal, the name of the wool is "Red Turnip"...I think the flashes of color throughout the yarn describe it nicely.

With the extended daylight, we should all be seeing more eggs soon.

Judith said...

Cyndy--so glad you are back home and your mother is home too. I love seeing your river & imagining the sounds & smells, etc. What beautiful mohair you spun--it'll be a lovely shawl. I find the shape of the egg information fascinating. It is so interesting that it seems to coincide with the full moon. Truly incredible.

Leslie Shelor said...

Glad to hear that your mother is better and at home. The shawl and the colors are lovely; I like Tintagel's mohair and colors. It's delightful to see the eggs; I miss having chickens!

cyndy said...

Hi Judith! Hi Leslie!
Thanks for the comments on the wool! I was very impressed with Tintagel Farm's mohair roving...( will be sure to purchase more the next time I see it! I bought this pound at NY Sheep & Wool in Oct.

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