Friday, November 25, 2005

this to these

I think it is very funny that some of my husbands co workers send home a bag of this...
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thinking it will give them some of these...
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If you cannot read the "chicken scratch" on the brown paper bag, it says, "Chicken Food".  The items in the bag usually contain someone's left over lunch morsels.  They are sent home with hopes that it will encourage the hens that devour the tasty treats and to lay more eggs.. 
At the moment, egg production has slowed down considerably.  Due to daylight hours subsiding, and the temperatures dipping down below freezing - coupled with the fact that pullets were not purchased this past spring- I'm not collecting the usual weekly supply of eggs out of the henhouse.  This is causing disappointment in some homes that look forward to getting their weekly carton.  I knew this day would come.
Last spring, I just was not up to all the work that was involved with getting new the hens that I have are busy molting.  Molting requires that their body replace old feathers with new ones.  Hence, the hens body stops laying eggs, and uses the protein to make feathers. All of the hens old feathers drop off, and new quills grow in, making them look a bit like a porcupine for a short while, but eventually, they look like a beautiful new bird!  So, cut the girls a break- even they need a nice rest once in awhile...sheeze...the things a gal goes through for beauty!
Oh, btw...notice those sharp curved objects at the bottom of the photo?
They happen to be my rooster's spurs.  While I was raking leaves one day, I uncovered them.  I could not believe I found them.  What are the chances?  They were both within a few feet of each other.  I took them inside and soaked them in bleach.  I don't know why I am keeping them.
They look like something a witch doctor would have.  I never knew that a rooster just drops his spurs.  I was under the impression that you would have to have them removed somehow.
The drive home last night was a bit treacherous as we came close to home.  A squall had moved in and the temperatures plummeted, causing black ice on the roadways.  We saw so many cars in the ditch that I lost count.  I think the tow trucks were overwhelmed.  Flashing lights and flares all around.
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Started spinning the blend that I purchased from Tintagel Farm.  Red Turnip- Dye lot 3.  146yard/ply so far... This Mohair/wool blend is nicely prepared.  I have been spinning a very fluffy, woolen long draw.
The color changes are subtle...I like that.  Not sure where I am going with this yarn yet... as I continue to spin what is left, I am hoping it will tell me what it wants to be.

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