Wednesday, July 06, 2005

r&r & n&n

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this past holiday weekend gave us a chance to just kick back and enjoy the summer, which is in full swing around here.  One sure sign is the new fawn which has been seen taking a daily walk through the yard on the way to the river.  I resist the temptation to get to know her and respect the fact that she should keep her distance from humans...I have made the mistake of befriending fawns before and will not do it again.
However, the idea of taking a walk down to the river is not a bad one...and the heat wave sent us down to the swimming hole for some R&R.  The stepping stones that my husband constructed for me to get out to the big rock had all been discombobulated due the ice and high waters of the past winter and he set to work re-arranging them (so much for his R&R).  It was very refreshing by the water, and I even took a half-dip...mountain water is not warm enough for me until the end of the month!  There were about 20 tree swallows all darting around and skimming the surface of the water...a joy to watch.  This is one of my favorite places to be at this time of year.
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Now, onto the N&N...needlefelting and nalbinding.  I have been fooling around with both, getting ready for the workshops at the end of the month.  There is a great book that I had on loan from the library of congress.  The name of it is "Ancient Danish Textiles Bogs and Burials"   This book has some wonderful history in it, and great pictures and instructions for how to re-create some very old techniques.  Nalbinding preceded both knitting and crochet.  I learned that the word is a Scandinavian combination of the words for needle and sewing.  The technique is not complicated, but makes a very sturdy finished product that would wear well around the curved areas of the body.  I have started making something which may become a bag.  I am making it from some angora that came from one of my first rabbits...but I am not sure it is the best choice of yarn for nalbinding because you really cannot see the definition of the stitches...
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I have also brought my felting needles out of hibernation, and tried my hand at rabbits and sheep...I am presently working with mohair, making some broaches...I was inspired by the mini quilted jewelry that Claire was working on a few weeks ago.  They still need some more finishing details, I am looking for some embellishments or found objects to spark them up a bit.  Not enough hours in the day to play with this...the currents need picking, so do the peas and broccoli...and after I pick, so starts the freezing and packing..yes indeed...summer is in full swing.

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here is my little lagamorph and the sheep, who needs some shorter ears I think...

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rzw said...

I love to read your blog!!!!!

Claire said...


Your needle felted animals look so cute.

I can't wait to see your jewellry :-)

Cheers, Claire

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