Monday, July 18, 2005

listen to the corn grow

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It is so hot out there no mind to the temp reading on the side is wrong.  It is hot and still and humid around the riverrim...and you can hear the corn growing.  The cicadas started making their song today...and that means 6 weeks until frost...can it be true??  Will we get one of those early frosts this year??  Thinking about frost almost makes me glad that we are in the heat of the passes so quickly around here.
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But when the frost does arrive, I hope this angora shawl will keep its new owner toasty warm.  I finished the shawl just in time for my mothers "milestone" birthday.  We all had such a nice time at her party this past weekend.  It was great to see everyone. 
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This is 100% Jack!  That is 100% angora from Jack.  I spun it very thin, and then I navajo plyed it, and wove it on the 5 foot triangle loom, in a basic tabby structure...but it came out rather open weave...and that is nice and light.  I finished the edge with a double crochet all around and went back and added a picot.  My mother was very happy with it...I hope it gives her many warm and cozy moments.


claudia at countrywool said...

Great shawl...Jack has really been an asset to your fiber work :)

cyndy said...

thanks claudia!

Jack has been a great addition to the family in more ways than one...
good fiber (for yarn)
good poop (for the garden)
and a good friend (for the heart)!

Leslie Shelor said...

That shawl is lovely! Jack must have the wonderful color of his 'brother' Tommy. I've been thinking about a pure angora shawl; yours turned out so beautiful!

Things look lovely, and interesting, at Riverrim!

cyndy said...

thanks leslie!

By all means, try making one- the "bloom" or "halo" is so pretty.
I had fun watching it happen as I worked with the yarn.

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