Monday, March 21, 2005

spring grass

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The snow is starting to melt around the riverrim, and the color of the grass underneath is quite close to the color of the yarn that I just made from the Wensleydale and Silk.  The Wensleydale roving was called "Juniper".  I spun a fine single, and then I used a Navajo ply method to produce a three-ply yarn.  I then took the Silk, and core spun it over silk thread, and incorporated the seed beads at random.  Then, I plyed the silk beaded yarn loosely around the Wensleydale.  The finished product was approx. 12wraps per inch.

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I was anxious to see how this would weave up, so I made a neck/scarf on the 3 foot triangle loom.  I wanted to fringe the edges, but did not want to knot every tail of the I used a looping technique to construct the fringe.  I did not measure exactly for each loop, so the finished edge is a little bit uneven.  Next time, instead of just estimating, I should make sure each fringe is the same size. I was pretty happy with the way the seed beads worked into the piece.  They are speckled throughout the shawl, and look like little sparkles of dew on the grass.  I also finished the "cut length" shawl edge with beads.
These were a little bit bigger than the seed beads, so I used them with the fringe.  They help to give the shawl some sparkle to play off the fireflash.
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