Tuesday, March 15, 2005

chick a dee dee dee

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This little chickadee was first spotted by me as I was doing chores in the afternoon hours.  When I saw him, I immediately noticed that he was not in the least bit scared of me.  He was in my path, a few feet away from me, looking for something to eat on the areas of ground where the snow had recently melted away to reveal a brown patch of grass.  As I approached, I talked to him quietly, and bent down to get a closer look at him.  He seemed to be healthy in every respect of the word, and glanced back at me a few times while continuing to go about his search for a morsel or two.  He was very puffed up, like he was cold.
I have gotten to know the chickadees that hang around here.  After a snow storm, they will come very close to you at the feeders.  If you are patient, and stand with a handful of seed, they will visit your hand briefly while selecting a choice sunflower seed.  But, they usually keep their distance.  No so with this little bird.  He was letting me get very close.
I slowly reached down to see if he would get on my hand, and when he did, I stood up, talking to him the entire time.  I walked to the window, caught my husbands eye and motioned to him to come to the door.
When he saw the chickadee, he told me to wait while he got the camera.  The chickadee seemed content to sit in my hand, looking around and occasionally looking up at me.  My husband returned with the camera, snapped the shot.  After a minute or two, the chickadee flew out of my hand and continued to look around in the grass, and then he left.  I thought it was really nice to have had a moment with him.  I think someone, somewhere spent some time hand training him.  He was very polite.
I have started working on a Tartan plaid shawl.  My inspiration comes from the Graham Tartan tie seen hanging on the loom.  I am not duplicating it, and need to sit down with some graph paper and chart out the color changes, and number of nails need per color if I intend to get it exact.  This is a test run, and I am using up some old stash that is not even 100% wool.
The history of the Tartan is very interesting.
Here is a link to a great page that I found by google-ing TARTAN.

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Anonymous said...

I am in love with chickadees. When I see them in the trees calling to each other, it makes my heart light. You are so blessed to be able to have had one befriend you.

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