Monday, October 04, 2004

ursus americanus

I almost walked right into this bear the other morning, as I was heading to the hen house to let the girls out for the day. I turned the corner of the house, and came face to, well, butt of this black bear! He/she turned and looked at me over his shoulder, and I turned around and ran inside my house. I fumbled for the camera, and snapped this shot from the window. I must remember to whistle or make lots of noise when I go outside now. The bears are trying to beef up for winter now...they need to feed almost constantly...up to 20 hours a day. I have to post a picture of a bear on the front door to remind everyone to check before going outside. I am learning to respect the fact that they are here. I may even be forced to call the game commission to ask for help getting rid of them.

One of the women who comes to our spinning group, has spun Bear Hair before. She says the undercoat is similar to that of a dog. It is short, between one and two inches long, and she sometimes blends it with wool. My neighbor hunts bear, and if he gets one this year, I am going to ask for some of the "undercoat".

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