Saturday, October 02, 2004


or "a goody".

This is Jack's first offspring. We have decided to name her (pretty sure it is a her) "Chance". The pattern of the coloring on Chance is called Agouti. This is the same pattern that is found in wild rabbits, and most likely what they have all descended from. Domestic rabbits have several variations of this pattern, that are caused by combinations of genes and modifiers. The Agouti pattern that Chance exhibits (I think) is referred to as a Chestnut Agouti. The fur has 3 bands of color, with the fur closest to the skin being grey, followed by a tan or caramel color, and being tipped with black. She also shows white around her eyes and nostrils and inner ears. The outer ear is outlined in black. Her eyes are still a blue grey.

I am trying to determine if the Agouti pattern gene was inherited from Jack. Judging from his papers, there was a Chocolate Agouti named "Betty Boop" in his lineage, but I do not know for sure if this rabbit has anything to do with the appearance of Chance. Genetics are difficult for me because I do not have a very clear understanding of the whole "allele/locus" thing...but I am learning.

In the big picture, it really doesn't matter. I was trying to breed for nice little fiber bunnies, and I think that is exactly what I have been gifted with. She is a her daddy. It is fun spending time with her, getting her used to being handled, and watching her grow. I am already planning projects for the beautiful Angora fiber that I know she will produce.

Look how she grows...

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