Friday, July 02, 2004

Fini tricoter les chaussettes de lacet

I have finished knitting these lace socks from the Folk Socks book. I enjoyed working on them, but was a bit disappointed at the finished size. They seem larger than I would like. I wonder if this is because I used wool instead of linen? At any rate, the pattern is fun to work, and I am happy with the way that targhee feels. The socks are very soft, and will do nicely as a pair of bed socks. They will be a gift for someone very special to me.

The river is taking on its summertime lazy flow feeling these days. The air is still, and you can be sure to see the blue heron, or cedar waxwing or the kingfisher whenever you glance out over the hillside. The blueberries are just starting to turn blue, the peas are in, and the tomatoes are green and growing. Corn is knee high, (by the fourth of July) as it should be. And I am going fishing. See ya in a week or so...

oh, yes, and note to self-
next year when trellising peas, be sure to place netting far enough apart so that the tendrils do not intertwine! Be sure to trellis rows on different sides of the netting...and most importantly-

the freezer bags await-

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