Thursday, July 15, 2004


Has anyone knit the socks from the cover of the current issue of SpinOff? I started these while on a short vacation, and I do admit that I worked on them while we were driving, so maybe it is just me, but somewhere, somehow, they did not work up quite right. The cuffs knit up just fine, and the eyelet pattern is fun to do. It is worked over 4 rows, so it is easy enough to remember. I think I took a wrong turn when I was working the heel flap, where the pattern keeps one eyelet pattern on each side of the heel. This confused me because while working the cuff, I was working the pattern in the round, and while on the heel flap, the pattern is worked back and forth on the two needles. In the pattern, it simply states to work the 5sts at the beginning and the end of the row, as established for the eyelet mock cable ribbing, and I did not take into account the fact that I would be working ONE of the eyelet patterns on the WRONG side of the sock. So, I wound up with a correct pattern down one side of the sock, with the other side looking like a screw up. If anyone knows how to work this sock correctly, let me know, because I still have one more to make. I will keep them for myself and use them as knock around socks, but since I am just starting the second one, I would love to know what it was that I did wrong, so I don't make the same mistake.

This is what five lbs. of broccoli looks like. Every other day, I take my basket out to the garden and pick and wash and freeze and pack it up. I am very happy with the harvest so far. I grew Calabrese, and a assortment of early, mid and late growers. I have found nary a cabbage worm, thanks to my wasps. A few years ago, I read about how the paper wasp is a good predator for the garden. I set up inverted coffee cans around the garden, about 4-5 feet off the ground, and found the wasps eagerly took up residence in them. When I saw one fly off with a green cabbage worm one day, I was sold! I keep an organic garden. I really, really like the idea of letting the wasps control the cabbage worms. So each spring, I set up many coffee cans in the greenhouse. The wasps always find the greenhouse early, I think they know it is warmer in there. So, once they are set up, and I know where the broccoli or Brassica bed will be, I transfer the cans out into the garden, and viola! Instant pest control.

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