Friday, December 05, 2003

now that is a lot of bear

The numbers are starting to roll in and it looks like they will top three thousand! The biggest one I heard of weighed in at 864 lbs! Tomorrow is the last day, so we will see who holds the record. My neighbor took a small male off our mountain yesterday afternoon around 4:10pm. He had to call for help dragging him out (must be around 150-200lbs) and finally got him down and over the stone walls by moonlight. Still not much going on the guys went out on opening day but did not even get a shot off. Its the same story all over, I suspect the deer are bedding down in preparation for this storm that is coming in.

I have been very busy preparing for the craft show, which I come to find out today has been cancelled on account of the storm. In some ways this is good as I have more time to do fibery things. ..however...I should be getting out the christmas decorations! Looks like this storm could be a doosey...I got the shovels out and tucked the chickens in! (sent them to bed with the Halloween pumpkin to nibble on tomorrow) Anyone care to tag in with snow totals??

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