Monday, December 08, 2003

Apple tree is empty

The apple tree is empty-translation-the guys didn't tag a deer-translation-my freezer has a cold wind whipping through it. So, deer season has come to an end, and my apple tree is empty. Well, I don't actually have an apple tree, but around here the really good hunters I know hang their deer in the apple tree before they get to the freezer. (This is not to ward off other deer from stealing apple from the tree next year.) We hang ours in the maple, but either way...the tree is empty this year. Next year they guys will get a doe license and fill the freezer. From what I hear, most people have an empty apple tree this year. It kind of reminds me of the part in the christmas story movie, where the Bumpasses dogs eat the turkey and the old man says..."no turkey, no turkey leftovers, no gallons of turkey soup...."...we are saying, no venison deer venison stew...and worst of JERKEY! Many thanks to Spaide who shared a bag of his famous homemade jerkey! The advertisements on the top of this page have changed from yarn to hunting! That is an example of life along the riverrim!

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