Sunday, December 14, 2003

local show

Just time to make a quick note about the show yesterday. I had a better time than I expected. After my nerves settled down, I had fun talking to folks that were interested in watching me spin. It is amazing how many people have never seen a spinning wheel in action. It is equally amazing how many people think that no one does this anymore! The best part of the day was showing the kids how it works. I must have had twice as many boys watching me (and the wheel with fascination) than girls. Overall, it was a good day. I didn't clean up (I did not expect to)..but I did ok and made a few good contacts and received positive feedback.
Now it is time to kick into over drive and put the petal to the metal on last minute x-mas stuff!
Oh, here is a link to a site for handmade soaps. I have never purchased any, but I am sure to do so very soon, as I met the personable and talented Lori Sickley. I hope to meet with her again soon.

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