Thursday, September 25, 2014

weftember weaving

The garden harvest has been getting ahead of me. Every third day I pick and for the next two days, I pack or process. There isn't much time for fun things like spinning or weaving. Moments are snatched.

Usually, those moments come in the morning. This happens, mostly, because I have been waking before the sun is up. We have been having chilly mornings, filled with fog. I make a small pot of coffee, and reach for the distaff and spindle. There is a purpose, a plan, to spin enough linen to weave some cloth.

While at the Endless Mountains Fiber Festival, I picked up some Hemp Sliver in a sort of roving type package. I was told it was imported from Romania. It spins up very well, and I've been amazed at how very much it resembles some of the better flax that I've spun.

Can you tell which spindle holds the spun hemp?

This image shows linen and hemp singles, side by side on the nod. It is difficult to tell the difference.

After finishing these singles will take a trip to the warping board (gulp).

And weaving on the Double Hole Tape Loom has filled some moments in the afternoon. Grace has added some wonderful handmade 4 and 6 inch maple shuttles to the Etsy shop!


judy said...

After spending another few months with very limited internet, it was a pleasure to find that you had just posted. As always, your pictures are beautiful. I can imagine you spinning in the mornings, catch as as catch can, as I have all summer.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It won't be long and you will have plenty of time to weave and spin. You will have delicious goodies to sup on too.

Judy said...

I would say the hemp is the one on the right or top (depending on picture) and I only say that because the color is a little different. I am still picking raspberries and digging potatoes...and there is lots of clean up to do. But mornings are best for a little "me" time.

Anonymous said...

I'd say the hemp is the darker of the two fibers. Ed finished putting the main garden to bed yesterday. It's a relief to have the long push of harvesting/preserving over for the season!

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