Monday, June 23, 2014

a garden walk in June

The chickens will escort us as far as the garden gate, so be sure to lock it after you enter.

The garden demands a lot of time to keep up with the growing season. There is always something that needs work. This year, a new frame and netting were constructed to protect the currants and blackberries. On the opposite side of the garden, another frame protects the blueberries and cherries.

The peas are finally coming into blossom. It is tempting to add the flowers to a salad....

especially, since they are growing next to the lettuce and onions...

The next row is full of potatoes.

And the next row is full of potatoes, also. There is another row of potatoes up near the rhubarb. There are a lot of potatoes growing along the riverrim this year!

The Russian Red Zinna are so bold in their color and fortitude. The cool nights don't seem to bother them at all and I'm surprised to see flower this early in the season.

Two rows of bush beans are doing well. There are Verts and Wax. One row is from saved seed, and is healthier than the newly purchased seed. Always something interesting to observe and wonder about! Behind the beans, there are two rows of peppers. One row of Sweet Hungarian, and another row of Bell Peppers. Some are red, and some will be orange and some will be green.

Walking down to the hill to the last bed, we find the corn starting to take hold. There are six rows of corn, with the last two rows planted with winter squash. I'm hoping the winter squash will take off and grow up the fence.

And here is a promised photo of a monster hosta. I don't recall the name or where it came from...but it is happier growing inside the fence where the deer cannot nibble on it.

Finally, the ox-eye. For my mother. The wild areas are full of their white petals and gold buttons. They are tall this year, taller than I've ever seen them before.


Valerie said...

Looks like an abundant harvest is on the way!

The ox eyes look so lovely among the ferns.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wow, I can see why you are so busy in the garden. It looks delicious. Love seeing your flock of chickens too. They look so cute following you around. Do they ever get to enter the veggie garden or are they too hard on the plants? Blueberries are ripe around here, the picking has begun. We don't grow them but there are a couple of "picking" places near us. It is daylily season here. Most of mine are blooming now. I have some green tomatoes. Cucumbers are romping up the trellis. A fun time of year. Entirely too hot and dry here right now. A little scary so early in the season.

Vlaďka Cepáková said...

I can see lots of work behind you and also in the future. Are you self-contained in vegetables products?
We have drought in this time. I have to water every day. But my garden is still dry. And a pasture for our animals, too:-(
I wish you large crop.

Judy said...

Looks awesome and near weedfree! If you are done picking weeds you can always take a walk down my way and help pick mine! I got row covering to put over my nanking cherries and mulberries, then I will put it over the blackberries and elderberries. Hopefully we will both get berries this year and the catbird can go hungry. I don't mind sharing but they don't know how.

Cathy said...

No wonder you are so busy in the garden!

It's wonderful to see what your garden looks like.

I miss the ox-eyes that grew wild at the farm. Nice to see you can grow them.

be a trader said...

I don't know the name of that red flower. But it looks really nice.

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