Saturday, January 18, 2014

linen on the line

There has been some tape weaving happening. I used the Double Hole Rigid Heddle Tape Loom and wove a plain weave, so I only warped one row of holes.

Last night, January's Full Wolf Moon had a frosty halo around it. The snow it predicted, happened overnight and early this morning.

My handspun/handwoven linen tapes had been set to hang on the clothesline early in the evening..and they caught the moonlight that danced and glittered over the frozen warp and weft.

I finished one tape early last week, and it had been hanging out there for a few days before the second was complete.

If you look close, you can see that one tape is already lighter than the other. I will leave them on the line for a few days. They will soften with help from the freeze and thaw of the tempertures, and they will lighten with help from the sun and the moon.

Other projects are in the works, there are clay beads for spindles gathering together in a bowl. I'm inspired by the small weights-the small clay bead shapes-and the colorful shafts that I see on the Ancient Chancay Spindles.

I won't show you the fresh white snow that falling outside the window, rather, this bold red Amryllis that blooms inside the window!


Anonymous said...

Lovely. I'm so fond of linen, how it looks and how it feels after being washed and used/worn for awhile. The Calla Lilly is gorgeous.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have been productive during this cold winter. I like the tapes. The amaryllis is so pretty. It makes me a bit excited seeing that bright red color in the cold grey world.

Valerie said...

The bands are really neat! I'm surprised at the bleaching with winter sun. The softening from the freeze/thaw cycle makes sense.

nice work!

Cathy said...

Oh - what a good use of winter sun and freezing temperatures! Clever, you.

And the bead whorls - makes me want to be there to fondle them and play with spinning them...

Anonymous said...

I just received my gourd today! I'm glad my cats were the only ones to hear my squee of delight at its adorableness! The packaging too is quite wonderful, I was almost sorry to open it and ruin the work you put into that as well. Is that jasper on the stitch marker?? Lovely work. Thank you SO MUCH!

And as an aside, is Ravelry down? I haven't been able to load the page for days now.

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