Thursday, March 21, 2013

wait and weight

The Vernal Equinox began at 7:02 A.M (EDT) on March 20, 2013.

Spring is finally here!

It has arrived! It may not look or feel much like it has, but the tide has turned, and the violets will bloom, and the pussy willows will bud, the birds will sing and the bees will fly. Have patience, I tell myself.

Late March always plays the waiting game with me. The snowdrops in the snow remind me to take courage, stay strong...wait.

My old Bulgarian Distaff told me to make another one just like it. So, I did. It didn't turn out JUST like it, but close enough.

Here is photo of it dressed with Jacob Wool.

This Jacobs Wool was prepared in a roving package, so I pulled it off in strips and laid them horizontally over a piece that was laid vertically. Then I rolled up the package, and tied it to the staff. Here is a side view.

As you draw down the draft, and as the fiber source is used, the tie will have to be adjusted once or maybe twice and three times...depending.

On average, I'm filling the spindle with about 2 ounces of singles...any more than that and it begins to feel heavy. When the spindle weighs about 1 ounce, it is at the most comfortable weight for my hand, and the independent spin time from one flick may last as long as 10 seconds. YMMV


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Spring Cyndy. Isn't it wonderful to even think all the cold and snow will soon be gone. I like your new tool. You can do about anything can't you? !!

Valerie said...

My apologies if this is a comment disappeared and I don't know if it was submitted.

Anyway...Love the distaff and the wool that you are using. Isn't it amazing how satisfying it is to work directly with the materials. No insertion of a complex machine between you and that which you are forming.

I think you might like the book I am currently reading:
The Lost Carving
Images that are not in the book are included here

Judy said...

Beautiful work and what a beautiful color roving. Patience is not one of my virtues especially knowing there is yet another storm coming on Monday...which will give you more time to sit inside and spin! Have a great weekend

Cathy said...

Oh. I can see the addiction. Always so much fun to see what has caught your fancy.

cindy said...

I love this distaff. Is it difficult to make. I'd love to spin using such a distaff.

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