Thursday, February 14, 2013


And it is true love, and i AM smitten.

All the signs are there. I'm preoccupied, and think about doing it even when I'm doing something else. My heart flutters palms sweat, but don't worry, my husband understands my new infatuation. He even made a short video of me in action.

Spinning from distaff to spindle. I am hooked. It is hopeless, I am addicted.
Soft singles fall off my fingers and onto my spindle.

I would do this all day if I could. It is an intellectual infatuation.

The yarn is spun from the point, and the spindle can be held and flicked in the same manner that a supported spindle is traditionally held. The tension from the yarn that is attached to the distaff, along with winding on in a fashion to prevent slippage.. allows me to avoid making a half hitch, before and after each make. here is a brief close up of what is happening...

And it is productive. When I fill a spindle, I'm winding off onto a nod, and skeining about 80 yards on average.

yes, I am smitten. happy valentines day!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Magic is what is happening. Happy Valentines's Day.

Judy said...

Pretty cool and I love the music too.

fiberjoy said...

Beautiful! I want to get into this zone. :)

cindy said...

Love the technique! I imagine you've got the distaff tucked under your arm. What fiber are you spinning?

Teri said...

You might notice an uptick in traffic on this one. Posted a link to my spindlitis group. Always nice to find a new spindle technique (although I know this was used a lot in the past, it's fallen out of favor these days.)

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