Tuesday, March 20, 2012

shetland curves of pursuit


It is spring today! My tête-à-tête daffodils greet me at the gate! I neglected to dig them and move them into my window box where I can admire them easily at eye level...so I must kneel down to get a good look. I haven't noticed any bees coming to them yet.

But I have been busy with other things. In pursuit, you could say.

Wingspan is a pattern by maylin for Tri'Coterie Designs. I've been working it up in my Shetland Samples. Most of the yarn was spun during last summer's Tour De Fleece..some of the yarn is Wheel spun and some is Spindle spun...the combination makes a nice showcase for the breed colors and textures that are available by using different fiber preparations and spinning techniques.


It is a very clever pattern, reminiscent of a 4 point curve of pursuit. I didn't know what a curve of pursuit was..so I looked it up.

A curve of pursuit is a curve constructed by analogy to having a point or points which represents pursuers and pursuees, and the curve of pursuit is the curve traced by the pursuers.

The triangles are created by short rows..no wrapping required...


What could be easier? Just row after row of garter stitch with an occasional row that requires you to move your marker, or cast on a few more stitches. I change the color when I feel like it...moving from one shade to another..from a woolen to a worsted...at times I carry two threads at once over my size 4 needles...


...it is easy to loose yourself in a pattern like this one..the spirals take on a life of their own. ...around and around we go!


Manise said...

No dafs here yet, just a few buds and leaves above the ground, though the forsythia will pop probably later today or tomorrow given the temps. Yesterday I saw the first mourning cloak butterfly and the first sleepy chipmunk to wake up from hibernation. The maples are also in full bloom. So nice to watch the firsts of Spring.

Love your shetland spirals. Looks like a really fun project.

Jody said...

Wow that's a really cool pattern. I love it in your handspun Cyndy.
It has been almost hot here this past week which is good because lambs are due anyday now :-)

cindy said...

Love your handspun in this pattern. you are an inspiration as always!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your mini daffs are so cute. I miss mine already. Crazy hot weather here. Almost all of my daffs are finished. We won't have "easter" flowers this year. WHINE... Your spiral knitting is pretty. What will you do with it?

Cathy said...

Gosh, that's nice. I love that pattern - glad you told me about it!

Shearing is in another couple weeks - more samples to share!!!

My dafs are just starting - looks like the crocus and tulips took a hit so they won't be as prolific this year.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Interesting! Love your daffodils. Ours are bloomed out. Sigh.

elizabeth said...

I love this! It will be so wearable!

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