Thursday, June 02, 2011

hit the deck and run for cover


The weather suddenly turned to summer. I took the Great Wheel outside onto the deck for a good waxing and some spinning. It was delightful.

Until an unwelcome visitor decided to investigate.


Saturday last, three Black Bears were meandering around the hillside. I'm not sure what caused them to congregate, or if they were related. There was one small sized, one medium and one very large. I know. At any rate, it had me running for cover...and looking over my shoulder when spending time on the deck.


The little chooks are getting bigger. They run for cover under their mother, but all twelve of them are having trouble fitting and they sometimes squabble about who gets the best position.


You can only see their feet sticking out from under all those feathers. The mother is patient and waits until they have all found a suitable spot before she settles down to rest and warm them.



elizabeth said...

You weren't cooking porridge, by any chance?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Kind of unsettling to have three bears so close. I hope those sweet little chooks don't end up as an hors d'oeuvre for one of the bears. That big wheel is gorgeous and lives up to it's name.

judy said...

Three at once. We've had three as mom and cubs, not extended family. I'll keep it in mind that it is Best to run for cover. C and I had had differing opinions on the best way to handle encounters.

Valerie said... your hair gold?

You might be interested in this report from Tuesday: Bears and people

My nephew lives near where flight 93 went down in Pa. He left is turkey fryer (with the fat) out on his back deck a few years ago. Can you say bear bait? He has since ripped off the deck and rebuilt the whole thing. Just the remaining fat that had sunk into the wood kept drawing the bears and other critters back.

Be safe, goldie. And settle down into that spinning chair that is "just right"!

Jody said...

I think that is the only drawback to living in the woods...otherwise I would be doing it too! Maybe they were attracted to your lovely wheel :-)
I luv to spin outside too and I am definitely going to do more of that this summer.

thecrazysheeplady said...


Cathy said...

I do so want to spin on your deck sans bears. Well, from a distance maybe.

Love the chick feet!!

Timmy said...

And here I thought that you had one large chicken. Good that you mentioned that the little ones were hiding under their mother, oh the photo shows, but that was my first impression, when I saw the first picture.

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Cathy said...

You know, I finally began to wonder just how you got those chick feet and if someone would take a photo of you photographing the chicks? (d&r)

Judy said...

When you sent me the picture all I could think about was Uncle Forey creeping up behind you in the garden. Sure do miss his odd sense of humor!

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