Monday, May 23, 2011

secret is out of the bag er um nest


When I was a kid, my uncle told me that if I ever found a nest, I was not to tell anyone...I was to keep it a secret. Well, at least until the eggs hatch.

Our Aracuna Bantum Hen picked an area outside of the safe-zone to build her nest. At last count, it seemed she was sitting on at least eighteen eggs.


This appears that at least one of them has hatched!

Now the fun begins! PEEP!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such a tiny being beginning life. I wish it and any others luck.

Manise said...

What fun! Sweet wee thing. I found a purple finch nest yesterday in a hanging basket outside of my LYS. 4 wee fuzzy hatchlings with tiny yellow beaks reaching skyward.

Anne said...

What a cute face! :)

Mette said...

We kept poultry twenty years ago. They are so fun to follow.

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