Monday, December 29, 2008

erethizon dorsatum - porcupine

There are two large hemlock trees next to the garden. The porcupine like to visit these trees in winter, to eat and rest in them. I sometimes meet them in the path, at twilight, on my way to lock up the hens. I often see the branches of the hemlock that fall to the ground when they are eating. The whitetail like to clean up what the porcupine drop. I think the porcupine is kind to think of his friends. I imagine the porcupine intentionally snipping off branches to share with the whitetail.


Gaag- from the Moozwaanowe group--designated to the duties of hunting...gathering..and scouting....


Trust innocence and companionship are words that have been associated with porcupine.


We met briefly under the fallen pine.


And I found these words to be true.


The Gingerbread House said...

That's an ugly little critter! How in the world did it allow you to get so close? and weren't you afraid he would "shoot" his needles at you ? or is that a myth?

Jody said...

Lots of porcupines around here. Unfortunately most of them end up as roadkill. Those are amazing pics!

cyndy said...


I thought he was rather charming

they don't shoot the needles...that is a myth....the needles are released when they come in contact with something....even the ground. Porcupine need to be careful of impaling themselves when they fall out of trees...I have a handful of quills that I picked up after witnessing just such an incident!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are so lucky Cyndy. I would love to see a porcupine up close. I think they are amazing creatures.

I also love the jewlery that the native americans make with their quills. I have a couple of pieces of jewlery made with those quills.

Winter is getting tough for them when they start eating your trees.

Judy said...

I think they are adorable! The neighbors dog met one under a hemlock but didn't have as good an encounter as you did! Of course the dog will show it much more respect next time!!!

Sharon said...

Facinating! In Australia we have an animal called the echidna that has spines, and people sometimes call them hedgehogs or porcupines, but they are very different!

I can't believe they climb trees! Wow! They look a bit like a guinea pig (cavie) with spines! Lovely!

judy said...

I have tracked them to their feeding trees and to their homes, but I have never crossed paths. I can't believe you were able to get so close. Wonderful!

elizabeth said...

So cute! You're so lucky to see one!

Cathy said...

How wonderful! I'll have to send M over since he's never seen a porky. I love them - from a safe distance - and as always, your photos started my day off right!

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