Saturday, November 29, 2008

late fall harvest

Trying to guess when the frost will set into the earth in my garden is tricky business. I keep records...and they tell me that "the moment" usually arrives around Thanksgiving. I watch the weather, and try to wait as long as I can before the last harvest. This year I got my root crops out just in time!


When I pulled the carrots, there was already about 2 inches of frost in the ground. I pulled a carrot and a hunk of dirt the size of a dinner plate came out. I had to break off the frozen soil to free the carrots.


I pulled almost all of them. I left a never know when someone might have a Scarlett O'Hara moment.


This one looked like it was from Transylvania.

The turnips were easier. There were turnip tops to grab onto. These turnips will last me into January or maybe February.


I like good root vegetables to eat over the winter, so I always plant a few in mid-July...and if I time it right, I will not loose them to the frost. As I said, it's tricky take your chances. This year worked out fine.


These will be stored in the basement, much like the the cool and in the dark.


On a fiber note, I have been combing and dizzing...making a big pile of Alpaca bird nests. Makes me want to jump in and roll around. Kitty has the same idea, so I have to put it up and out of the way. NO SMOOSHING!!!


Catherine said...

no smooshing! but, looks so-o-o smooshable! pretty!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those little nests of softness look like they need a good kitty smooshing. ha... Those turnips look so tasty. I used to love to get some out of my parents garden to gnaw on. One of the treats of fall.

Judy said...

I pulled some parsnips today and found the same frost depth. Good thing you got the last harvest in since the storm will arrive tomorrow. Have your shovel on stand by!

Anne said...

Looks like you are getting all set for winter! We are predicted to have record warmth here tomorrow!

judy said...

Lucky you to get a harvest this late.

The Gingerbread House said...

The carrots and turnips look good, I hope you also eat the turnip tops! I'll be fretting about that.
The carrots look like a nice carrot cake :o)Nothing like growing your own.....I don't blame the cat, I'd like to roll around that soft pile too! ....Ginny

Sharon said...

Amazing to see the different garden challenges that you face - I had never heard of frost going deep into the soil!! For me its a nuisance because it kills off all my summer vegies.

elizabeth said...

We met a family hiking a couple of weeks ago and the father/grandfather pulled a turnip out of his overall pocket and told me that was his snack - he was eating it raw! Can you believe I've never had a turnip? His wife couldn't, she told me several ways to cook them that she was sure I'd like. I need to give 'em a try!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I should pick your brain about root veggies. They are some of my favorites (though not DH's)! I love parsnips and rutabaga especially.

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