Monday, October 27, 2008

button up alpaca neckwarmer


I have finished making a neck warmer. I designed it to fit a mans neck. It is the second piece I have completed from the yarn spun from Violette's blanket.


I carried two strands of a double ply (wpi of 16) over the needles, and knit a simple basket weave stitch.

The button holes were worked separately from the main body with a sort of seed stitched i-cord, and then attached with a 3 needle bind off.


The buttons are hand made and completely washable.

Project notes:

Fiber: 100% handspun Alpaca
278 yards of a 2 ply with a wpi of 16

Needles: 6mm Bernat

Finished size:
width = 9 3/4 inches
length = 22 inches

Buttons: 1 1/2 inches square.

This piece was commissioned by Paco Fino and will be available for purchase.


Tam said...

OH Cyndy it's gorgeous or should I say handsome! Very clever idea for the buttons they are perfect!

Manise said...

Very cool!

Sharon said...

its great! Love the buttons.

Kath said...

Those buttons are great! And such a cosy looking neck warmer!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those buttons are marvelous. They really make that neck warmer look elegant.

Lynn said...

Handsome, handsome! Those buttons are fantastic!

Anne said...

It is beautiful! I am such a sucker for those gorgeous silky grays!

Judy said...

Gorgeous! Love the buttons! What do you think of the snow?

Cathy said...

Lovely! And hilarious we both worked on basketweave handspun over the weekend!!

Love the gray alpaca - it's one of my favorites too.

The Gingerbread House said...

The items are beautiful Cyndy, you did a wonderful job on the buttons too!......Ginny

Anonymous said...

Very creative. You're a wiz with buttons. This is the first neck warmer that has appealed to me.

finnsheep said...

Beautiful workmanship! Buttons are intriguing.

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