Friday, August 10, 2007

small projects

Remember this?

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It is the wool/mohair blend that I dyed and spun a few months ago. I knit the project last month, and it has been sitting around waiting for me to put a button on it. I realize that I have a bad habit of letting projects linger sometimes. It would take me all of about 10 minutes to finish this project, and yet it still sits. Maybe when the cooler weather hits, I will be motivated to sew the button on.

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This is Calorimetry ("a scientific term that refers to the measurement of heat lost or gained"*) by Kathryn Schoendorf from * in the winter 2006 issue. The finished project is a sort of headscarf for those of us who have longer hair, and still want to wear a hat. This orange color should be just right, come hunting season. The pattern uses a 2x2 rib with stitch markers. Short rows are worked, and holes are formed at the turning points.

I used every bit of the yarn spun, and was short 10 bind off stitches! I had to spit stitch some white yarn to finish. It is a fun project, taking no more than a few hours to complete...well unless you take a few months to sew the button on.


Judy said...

Yesterday's weather seems to have made us both finish projects. My project was two years old in May and I just finished it. All I had to do was sew it together.

annmarie said...

I ended up using my Calorimetry as a neckwarmer since it is too wide for my head!! I later read that many knitters were adapting the pattern to make it a bit narrower. I might have to try this, since I still don't have anything remotely fashionable to cover my head in the cold. :/

Artis-Anne said...

That's a lovely knit and a great colour.
I still have it on my to do list !!

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