Tuesday, June 12, 2007

walk with me wed while I wear my moccasins

My walk happened on Tuesday this week. Today I didn't get to take a walk, we had a much needed rain shower. I had my laundry out on the clothes line and it got very wet, but that is ok. It was only a washer load of bath towels, and they can do with a rainwater rinse.

And so it is late spring, and there is pause to notice the subtle changes as we move into summer. A walk around the riverrim is a perfect time to notice the changes. The ground is soft now, I can wear my moccasins. They don't make much noise when I walk. And they aren't the best shoe for providing traction, so have to keep on the deer paths, or the road.

The Foxglove are blooming, and the Mountain Laurel is covering the ridge. I had been wondering why the fawns were so late this year, and worrying about them. Usually, I see them in late May. I have seen a few young buck~ their antlers are beginning to grow, and they are in velvet...but no fawns. I saw a what I thought was a yearling doe and made a little movie of her.

I followed her for a little bit, walking deeper into the woods...wondering about how it would feel to be an Indian. I start thinking about Indians a lot when I wear my moccasins in the woods. So anyway...the best part of the walk was when I got home.

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I finally saw a fawn!Right out front on the road! So the circle continues...and another spring is coming to a close.


Fiberjoy said...


What type of mocassins do you wear? I use to love wearing the Navajo ones I got over 30 years ago, but now only wear on special occasions, they're getting so worn.

judy said...

It is late. I too have been out checking to see who is around. I thnik I need a pair of mocs. These days I am more interested inletting those around know where I am.

cyndy said...

I wear old moc's...(sorry that I don't remember the type or name of the store)...but I got them in NJ about 20 years ago. They have a beaded design on the top. The leather is very thin and soft. I wear them when I go swimming in the river sometimes. They are perfect "river shoes" and protect my tender feet from the rocks on the bottom ;-)
PS...I am so busy these days, that I don't know which day of the week it is! I took my walk on Monday, posted on TUE!

meresy_g said...

How nice that you have those lovely woods around you. I love the deer in the ferns with the songbird singing in the background. I could almost smell the woodsiness.

Beth S. said...

Oh, sweet spotted fawn! :-) That made my entire day. :-)

Judy said...

I think we have reversed roles...I am doing what you were doing last year and your taking my walks around the back 40!

cindy said...

Lovely film! Thanks for giving us a look into your mother nature adventure.

Dawn said...

Film .... picture .... words .... all beautiful! I have two pairs of mocassins. This is very difficult typing this evening with a Basenji sitting on my lap. :-)

Pat K said...

Seems like I have missed lots of activity on your blog while I have been away and off the computer. What a beautiful little fawn! How lucky you are.

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