Friday, March 23, 2007

sayornis phoebe

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As far as the calendar tells me, we are already 3 days into the spring of 2007, but would I know this if I didn't have the calendar as a reference? I think I would. There are signs. Sayornis phoebe returns. This morning, the call, "feeeee-beee", came from ledges, signaling the arrival.

I have not seen Phoebe yet, the photograph above, is taken from the archives. Last April, Phoebe decided to check out the eave of the hen house as a possible nesting site. Phoebe returns year after year, faithfully, to the same nest. For a while, we had one over one of the front doors, and had to use the back door for a spell, so as not to disturb the fledglings. They really made a mess. The nest was built over the outdoor light, and was constructed of mud and moss and feather. Eastern Phoebes build their nest in woodlands areas- along rivers and streams. They are almost entirely insectivorous, but I've also seen them eating elderberries, and read that they will eat small fish. Since Phoebe has arrived, it means that there must be a food source available. They stocked the river on the 16th. Taeniopteryx fasciata or stoneflys will be hatching and the blue winged olives will follow. Yes..I think I would know it was spring if I didn't have my calendar to reference.


Cathy said...

What a beautiful bird. I always wanted to see one - ever since reading Alcott's Rose in Bloom - and the character Phoebe.

meresy_g said...

I don't think we've ever had Phoebes visit us. Lovely picture. I will keep my eyes peeled and ears open.

Anne said...

I miss all the eastern birds and their spring calls. It was lovely to wake up in the mornings and listen to all the different calls in the woods.

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