Saturday, December 23, 2006

6 weird things meme

Fiberjoy has tagged me. 6 weird things meme.

1. I sometimes bring natural objects into the house to admire --as artwork. Case in point, the large hornets nest that has been hanging in the dining room for more years than I can remember.

2. I store rubberbands on the basement door doorknob, because my grandparents did. That is where everyone stores the rubberbands, right?

3. I like to count. Anything. 1. 2. 3. 4.... But I often loose my place....

5, um 4. I save things that my chickens have excavated from the hillside and imagine that someday I will sell them on ebay. Example, the brown glass clorox bottle.

5. I was once stranded in a snowstorm, on a Trailways bus on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. After 3 days, they attempted to put a pair of chains on the tires of the bus, so they made all of the passengers (myself included) stand in a line while they tried to get the bus out of the snowbank. One of the chains snapped and a link came flying in my direction. I had my hands in my pockets, with my head down, and was not watching this, but something suddenly knocked my felt hat off of my head, and landed at my feet. It was a link of the chain, and it was steaming and melting the snow beneath it. The weird part of this is that I still have the link...

6. I cannot tolerate dirty glass. It must always shine...on both sides...just ask my spouse how many gallons of wiper wash I go through in a year. I cannot help myself, I used to work in a gallery and spent many hours framing art work.

Ok, well, that was painless..I thought I would have trouble narrowing it down! Any other weird-o-s that have not participated thus far? Feel free to take the meme...


Cathy said...

You are so funny. I love the photo of the doorknob. The rubberbands need to be more festive, tho. (tinsel? pine needles?)

Anonymous said...

that is one lucky link!
happy new year!

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