Sunday, October 01, 2006

finishing up

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Today was a day for bunny chores.  Autumn is a good time for an overhaul of the hutches..and we recently put a new roof on Jack's hutch...but the inside needed a good cleaning.  He watched from the safety of the wire cage while I used the propane torch on the inside of his hutch.  I like to use the flame to burn off any little critters that may be hiding in the crevices.  It also burns off any stray hairs that have accumulated on surfaces.
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When I was finished, he received some fresh hay and a treat of a few branches of blueberry bush to munch on. He likes blackberry branches too, they were not nearly as colorful as the blueberry.
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Lakota received a clipping and gave me a nice basket full of wool with a 4 inch staple.  I could have waited to clip her, but I wanted to keep her on a 3 month rotation. 
I am almost finished with the Icelandic bag, and needed to fingerloop another strap. One just didn't seem like enough.  I made the straps to be worn over the head and across the chest. 
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Judy said...

Well since you seem to have caught up you can come help me!!! Everytime I want to do the goat and sheep it rains. Plans are to do them tomorrow after I get back from town. I gave in Friday night and turned the heat on also. Hopefully the frost holds off till I get everything done that I want to get done, but I wouldn't bet on that.

Brigid said...

Our autumn is still very mild, although we've had some spectacular thunder storms. That finger braiding looks fiendishly complicated. Yet another of your crafty talents!

Spinner Gal said...

What a cute bunnie! Nice looking clip you got there too.

Trying to get caught up on chores before bad weather hits us too. Need to paint the rabbit hutch before snow flies.

Now that I see that fingerlooping, I think I would rather jump off a cliff!

vanessa said...

that little bunny face is too sweet!

Judith said...

Jack must have been a happy & cozy rabbit after all that cleaning. What a lovely color the clip from Lakota is.

Leslie said...

Okay, we have proof positive that you have at least three hands and possibly four. How else could you have taken the finger braiding photo?

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