Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tamiasciurus hudsonicus

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We have been "enjoying" a red squirrel who has decided to take up residency along the riverrim.
Red squirrels are usually solitary, and unsociable.  They can be aggressive, noisy and very territorial to the point where they will not allow other squirrels in their territory.  That is ok with me.  I don't like squirrels.  One is enough.  I am hoping this red squirrel will chase off the flying squirrels that have been hanging around.
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Their main food source includes conifer seed.  In the past few days this red squirrel has stripped our hemlock tree of almost all  of the pine cones, and the ground is littered with the remains, or petals of the pinecones.
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I wonder what he will eat next?  When I was reading about them, I was surprised to find out that they sometimes eat insects, mice and RABBITS!
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I finished spinning the first 100 yards of the Angora/Alpaca blend.  I spun it with a long draw, as fast as I could...let the slubs fly....and plied it randomly.  I didn't spend much time spinning for consistency, as I figure -after the yarn blooms, you cannot see the definition of it anyway- so I didn't bother.  The color is like tea with lots and lots of milk...however, it has a luster that I am happy about.  It is also extremely soft and fluffy.

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vanessa said...

your yarn is lovely. i must learn longdraw. we used to have a birdfeeder outside the lving room window, but the squirrels ate all the seed, and drove my dogs insane ;-)

Spinner Gal said...

Aw what a cutie the squirrel is. I have only seen one grey one around here, and he has since vanished.

Beautiful yarn, bet its nice and soft. Love that longdraw!

Stacey said...

Beautiful yarn - you're right about the definition ging htough - I found that with the alpaca/shetland blend I did - looked completely different after it had been washed.

I like the squirrel but then he ain't stripping my trees! We don't get red squirrels here - been chased out by the grey ones apparently :(

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