Saturday, August 05, 2006

M is for Muckle & Minor's Head

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m is for Muckle...
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Now it is an interesting thing about the origin of the word  of Muckle...I believe it is (Scots English)...and to define the adverb, it would read something like " much, or a large amount..a great many...or great."  Now, my wheel is probably not from the Highlands...but it could be considered a  Muckle wheel....(at least for this entry for my abc along...mostly because I used G for Garden....)
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M is also for Minor's Head...there are 4 grooves on my Muckle's Minor's Head.  Originally, my wheel had a broken wooden copp disk.  My wheel was restored by Fred Hatton, who has restored more than a dozen antique wheels, including several great wheels.  While working on my wheel he also restored the axel, and the spindle on the she is spinning like a dream.
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Dreaming is something I do a lot of while spinning on this wheel.  I dream of the person who made the wheel, the people who have spun on it...the miles of yarn it has spun and who will spin on it after I do.  It reminds me of a song by Neil Young about a guitar.  The lyrics speak of the object as being old and passing through many hands....I sometimes change the lyrics to suit me....I sing it for my wheel...."This old wheel ain't mine to keep, it's mine to spin for awhile.  The more I use it the better it spins, it cries when I leave it alone....silently it waits for me, or someone else I suppose."
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My wheel is pretty old, I think it is over 200 years old.  It has a wooden hub.  I think the wood on the wheel portion may be Chestnut.  The bench still has a bit of the bark of the tree on the underside.  Yep, I think my wheel is pretty

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Judy said...

Having spun on that wheel I think it is pretty great also. Still in PR and loving it!!! No yarn to be seen other than in Walmart and here is a funny, most of it was bulky weight!! I did get to see some bobbin lace and have tons of pics of her work. Beautiful- thought of buying the kit ($35) but I don't need another hobby and it is so slooowww going I would throw it at somebody before I finished the first piece...yup I am an instantaneous gratification person and I offer no apologizes as the world needs all kinds!!! Hope all is well. I'll talk to you on Wednesday

Stacey said...

There's a scottish saying, ' Monny a mickle macks a muckle' I have no idea what it means but I had to said a lot to me when I was small (Scottish family)- lol. I'll try to find out what it means.

Beautiful wheel anyway

Stacey said...

Ha! Apparently it means 'Many little things add up to something great'

Spinner Gal said...

What a beautiful wheel. Someday I would love to try and spin on one of those. It sure would be an adventure!

Thanks for the tip on putting the loom history someplace "on" the loom. I will have to do that after I get it fixed up.

Leslie Shelor said...

Lovely, lovely wheel and beautiful pictures of it. And I so enjoyed visiting with the rabbits! Great ABC's!

vanessa said...

beautiful! i love seeing photos of wheels :-)

Cathy said...

Lovely wheel - lovely post!

Judith said...

Your wheel is something to become peacefully lost in. A beauty and yes, lovely post.

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