Wednesday, March 01, 2006


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The river was snowing on the rim this I tried to take a close up shot of the crystals on a black surface...
It has been below freezing around here lately, but it was a beautiful morning with crisp blue sky...and I noticed the river has been freezing up along the rim.
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I stand next to the water, watching it flow past.  The cold snap has been making the water freeze around the rocks near the can see the channels of fast water that are starting to form.
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The day is early and I am aware of the few sounds around me.  I hear a cardinal and the occasional crowing of my roosters coming from the hen house.  Other than that, it is quite still, and I notice that the ice flowing by is gently scraping against the ice on the makes a soft brushing sound.
Staring at the ice flow, I am mesmerized by the constant motion, and it suggests to me the same rhythms of the movement of fibers, flowing through my hands while spinning at the wheel.
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I am becoming very aware of texture, and realize that in these late days of winter - with all of the gray colors...that texture is easier to see than in springtime when all the color dominates the landscape.  It is a great time of year to take notice of the texture and its beauty..seen here on the bark of this river birch.
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Realizing how cold it really is, and that I didn't "layer up"...I climb the hill back to the house.
I have finished the 2/2 twill, and notice how gray that is too!
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Funny thing about this piece, all the crimp and curl of the Border Leicester locks returned to the yarn after I completed the fulling process.  It gives the finished piece a texture all its own that was not visible while it was on the loom.
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It almost looks like it was done with a boucle am happy with the outcome, but it was a surprise, and not something I planned on happening.  I was thinking the 2/2 twill would be more pronounced...but I guess the texture is ok...
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judy said...

The texture is wonderful. I love the way grey can set off the texture, the feel of things. Lovely post. This is my favorite time of year. The light is fantastic. The bare bones of the forest are at their best. Wonderful shawl. I can see it wrapped around my neck with a denim jacket, yummm....

vanessa said...

the fulled fabric is gorgeous!

Mel said...

Your blog is sheer poetry, fine art and the pure joy of life. Awesome, Cyn. Thanks.

Karen said...

Beautiful pics, and what a beautiful shawl!

I wish my 2/2 twill was coming along so quickly.

I especially love that close-up pic of the fresh snow. I really dig the macro features on my camera.

Spinner Gal said...

Wonderful post, wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing your texture!

The shawl came out beautiful. Amazing how the crimp came back like it did.

Stacey said...

Thanks for posting onmy ite as I might not have found yours. What a lovely shawl, such a beautiful colour and texture. Is that a yarnshifter you're using to make it?

Stacey said...

lol - it's early in the morning here - forgive my bad spelling :)

Terry m said...

What a beautiful shawl with great texture! And I really enjoy your outdoor photos. Do you full your yarn once it's spun, but before you weave or knit with it? I enjoyed sewing before I found yarn - and had a spinning instructor say fulling your yarn is like pre-shrinking your fabric before cutting out pattern pieces. I enjoy seeing what others do with their handspun - gives me wonderful ideas!!

Judith said...

Combining texture with cold makes for beauty. Your shawl flows with the river & ice crystals. Perfect for the season as March arrives. Great photos & wonderful textures.

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