Friday, March 17, 2006

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My lettuce seedlings are getting tall enough to tickle the tops!  I have been taking them for a walk to the growhouse each day.  The temperatures dive down to 21 degrees at night out there, so I have to bring them inside for the evening. This process is know as "hardening them off."   No wonder there are certain areas of the greenhouse that they call the "nursery".  Young seedlings need constant attention, just like a baby!  As you can see by the photo, most of the seedlings still have their primary leaves.  Once they sprout their secondary set, I will lift them into a larger container for a few weeks before setting them directly outside.  The cold temps are concern for a fungus, or a dampening off of the seedlings.  Cold and moist are not a good combination for seedlings.  I sprits my seedlings with a weak solution of chamomile tea to discourage any "dampening off micro organisms" that might be lurking.
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I have been so busy with so many "to do" items...that I have not been finishing any fiber arts...As a matter of fact, it seems I keep starting new items, like the Embossed Leaves Socks from Interweave Knits Winter 05.  I really like the pattern, and it challenged me in the form of learning to read a chart pattern.  I'm from the old school, and like my patterns written out.  I almost caved and typed out a separate sheet to follow, but my libriarian enlarged the chart, so now I find it easier to read.
L� Fh�ile P�draig Sona Daoibh
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Dydd Gŵyl Padrig Hapus
DEETH GOOEEL PAD-rigg HAPP-iss (TH as in That)
Happy St. Patrick's Day (Welsh)
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Pionta Guinness, le do thoil
Pin-tah Guiness, le doh hull
A pint of Guiness, please!


Spinner Gal said...

Your seedlings are coming along nicely. Not much longer and they will be in the ground.

The sock is lovely. I was just looking at that pattern yesterday!

Happy St Paddy's day to you! Erin Go Braugh

cyndy said...

Hey Spinner gal!

I say "go for it" and try the pattern, it is fun and pretty! Nice to watch the pattern progress.
Not sure how I will do when it comes down to the instep...but we shall see...

Judith said...

Happy St Paddy's Day! It tickles me to see your lettuce seedlings getting tall! How nice it must be to have a greenhouse. I'd like to try your chamomile tea solution idea--I have not heard of that one. I ended up holding back on starting my seedlings due to just what you are discussing here & mine have more of a chance to get leggy which is a problem. What a beautiful pattern you have started! BTW, I do tend to type out patterns on separate sheets of paper....

cyndy said...

Hi Judith!

I tickle or bush my seedlings to strengthen them and keep them from getting to leggy. You can also try milled sphagnum moss on the surface of the soil to try and prevent the damping off.

I may resort to typing this out when I get to the heel portion!

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