Friday, November 04, 2005

woolly bears, walnuts & wildcats

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Raking leaves, cleaning up...the weather is so unseasonable!  69 degrees is our projected high for today...amazing.  Does this  larval form of Pyrrharctia isabella know something that I do not??  What does your Woolly Bear say?

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Thanks to a generous fiber friend I have a bucket full of these beauties...I need to cover them because the red squirrels are helping themselves.
I wish I had my camera handy when I saw the wild bobcat that visited my poultry run on Monday.  We have had 2 positive sightings, and the chooks are all shook up!  Poor things, cannot go out to play.  I am looking into how to best handle this situation.  Jack was the first to clue me in that he was nearby.  Usually in the morning when I go out to open up the chicken run I stop off to give my bunny a treat and a ear rub.  That morning he was poised in a very strange position--not moving a muscle!  I was worried when he did not come over to me as I opened the sliding door on his hutch.  Suddenly I heard much commotion over at the hen house, and turned around to see a very healthy looking bobcat throwing himself onto the poultry wire.  He was amazing to see...but trouble for me



Liz said...

How scary! I wouldn't even know what to do if a bobcat were hurling itself at my birds.

cyndy said...

I would recommend that is exactly what I did :-)

Judith said...

I did enjoy the woolly bear website information--thanks! And I envy your bucket of walnuts--like a pot of gold. As for those wildcats, I love cats & the bobcat kitten at the website you send us to is precious, however, there are hens to worry about...oh, my. You have had your share of furry visitors as of late. Is it the (unseasonably) warm weather that is bringing them around to you right now?

cyndy said...

I would imagine the bear is looking around for a free meal to store up fat for the winter slumber, and he will not den until it starts to go below freezing... but the bobcat does not hibernate. We have now had 2 sightings of the bobcat. The chickens cannot come out of the run, and the cat is locked in the house for the time being:-(

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