Monday, August 01, 2005

cuckes wait for no one

Since I no longer grow cucumbers, my neighbors decided to share their harvest with me.  Image hosted by

Thank you so much!!  So I wanted to blog all about the wonderful fiber fest we had over the weekend at the Hatton Farm...but spent most of today doing this...

Image hosted by

and adding this....

Image hosted by

to get these....
Image hosted by

So, the Fiber Fest post will have to wait until tomorrow, because I am on my way out the screen door to go out to the garden and pick the green beans...because...the beans will not wait either!  Fresh is Best!


Liz said...

Those look really good. Someday I'm going to have to start eating more cucumber pickles. I try, but between dilly beans and pickled beets, I get all pickled out! :)

cyndy said...

hi Liz-

Dilly beans--those reeeaallly look good. We should trade a jar for a jar ;-). I won't grow cucumber or any other curbit because of the beetle (I'm on a 3 year plan)

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