Monday, July 25, 2005

amaranth on parade

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At the entrance to my garden I have several different types of amaranth growing.  These were all volunteers this spring, and I did not think they would survive.  Amaranth is a grain, and I thought for sure the deer would have eaten them by now.  So, since the deer did not get them (yet), I will be using them in the dye pot.  The dark red plant is the Hopi red amaranth...grown from the seed that dropped off by gate last fall.  I did not do a thing to cultivate fell off the wheel barrow, and somehow a few seeds escaped the chickens scratching.  Come to think of it, perhaps they planted it!
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This next plant is a cross I believe.  You see, last year I had planted the Hopi red and also the elephant amaranth.  I think this plant is a result of cross pollination.  It is beautiful, and I do not think I could do this if I tried!  I will be sure to save the seed from the flower.  It will be interesting to see if the flower will be the one of the Hopi, or the elephant, or some weird cross between the two.
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On the fiber front, I got my great wheel back from the Hatton's workshop, where Fred replace the disk on the minors head that needed repair.  He also made a new spindle for me.  I started trying to spin some wool on it. Fred did a beautiful job at reproducing the disk. You can see the new wood because it is lighter. He also made a new axel, so the wheel spins like butter! (the photo is a bit dark)
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The drafting for the Great Wheel is sweeping in its motion.  The yarn is spun off the tip of the spindle with the left hand, while the right hand is turning the wheel.  I am spinning some very soft yarn...and will have to tweak my technique until I get control over what kind of yarn I can make...but hey!  I made some yarn!


Anonymous said...

Cyn, the garden looks voluptuously lush and beautiful...I know it's keeping you very busy as your different crops come in, so once again I am amazed that you've managed to carve out time for your Great Wheel and time for blog postings. Whew. Wonder Woman!
Can't wait to see it all in person; I'm shooting for sometime in Aug. Love, Susie

cyndy said...

hi Suz!

wonder woman- no.....fiber addict?-
yes....the first step is to admit it...
hope I see you in August!
(you can help me jar the beans!! ;-)

Leslie Shelor said...

Congratulations on the yarn with the Great Wheel! It's very different from the treadle wheel method and you should be proud!

The garden is lovely and it will be interesting to see the dye pot results.

cyndy said...

Thanks Leslie!
You are not kidding--it is very different, but has a nice rhythm of its own once you get used to it...

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