Thursday, February 10, 2005


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I have got to get my seed order in!
This time year, while the flurries are flying outside, and the fire is warm inside, I love to curl up with my seed catalogues and dream of a summer garden.  It is this time of year when my garden looks the best.  I have high hopes of new varieties of tomatoes, spectacular flowers, huge harvests of squash and enough sweet corn to last me through the winter.  It is nice to dream of  the perfect garden, and not think about the failures of the past year.  Failures are good for learning (note to self: do not order any San Marzano), but they have no place in the dream garden.  Here I am free to plant picture perfect crops.  NO battles with insects or fusarium wilts, no anthracnose, septoria or pythium rot.  There is not even a single weed in the dream garden!  My dream garden is perfect, and it is the only time it will be perfect.  So, choices will be made, checks will be written...let the games begin!

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I have started working on the 3 foot triloom this past week.  I have been reading about the cut length technique, and decided to give it a test run.

I am using some Romney Lamb called Plumb Raspberry that I purchased from "The Drafting Zone".  I spun some of it by itself, and then I plied some of it with some Fireflash that I had leftover.
The cut length technique of weaving on the triloom allows you a bit more freedom with design. The only draw back is that you must measure and cut the yarn before you weave it.  This results in a bigger investment of time when compared with the continuous weave method.  So, it is the time involved that is the trade off for the design elements.  Now that I know just how much time it is going to take to weave the shawls  it will help me to plan my projects and prices in advance.


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