Saturday, October 23, 2004

and the winner is...

Nameless, and I do apologize for the fact that I cannot give credit to the creator of this beautiful needle felting project. To see a picture of it is nothing at all like seeing it in person. The use of color with wool was simply perfect. I have seen many needle felted projects, but this one was truly unique. It was hanging in the exhibit barn at the festival.

I am very glad that I was able to attend the Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY last weekend. We had a wonderful time. We combined our "business" trip with a family visit, so that made for twice the fun. This was my first visit to the festival, and I now know why this event is touted as one of the best assemblies of "wool minded' people on the east coast. There was so much to see, and it was a banquet for the eyes. There were so many different colors and textures of fibers, that everywhere I looked I was inspired. I didn't know what to look at more, the vendors offerings, or the people and the fiberworks they displayed on themselves. So much variety! Some of the things people make! Just spectacular...from the very simplistic to the most intricate of patterns, it was all there.

I saw many vendors that I had only seen on-line. There is a big difference in looking at fiber on a monitor, and seeing the real thing. The colors translate pretty good, but the real texture of the yarns is something that I think one can only truly absorb from seeing the actual 3 Dimensional object.

I purchased some yarn from Autumn House, some beautiful Wensleydale from Barneswallow Farm, and some Tussah Silk from The Copper Moth. I plan to combine the Wensleydale with the silk, and knit a scarf on the bias with some really big needles. I also purchased a shed stick and two needles from the exotic wood guy from New Mexico...(sorry, I did not get his name). The needles are wonderful to use. I have already used up half the yarn from Autumn house on the 3ft triloom. One of the biggest highlights of the day was seeing Carol Leigh of Hillcreek Fiber Studios in action. She was weaving on a large square loom. There was a crowd around her, and her booth was so full I could not even wade in! What a great weekend!

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